Zimbabwe Stock Exchange demystified by new app.

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Many thought and argued that the stock exchange investment is only reserved for a few. That view is about to change and as a nation Zimbabwe should be aware.

…C-Trade could do the trick

At least we are going mobile. C-TRADE is an online and mobile trading platform for the trading of shares on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange, and will be the first of its kind in Sub Saharan Africa.

The platform will enable investors, both local and foreign to purchase securities from anywhere in the world anytime, using mobile devices.

The initiative is being led by capital markets regulator, Securities Exchange Commission of Zimbabwe (SECZ) and seeks to promote financial inclusion by encouraging participation by the smallest retail investor.

How the country has adopted mobile phones as a primary form of transacting should serve as an inspiration. Zimbabwe has a mobile penetration rate 84, 6 percent. For capital markets, this means a mobile-phone strategy is vital.

Individual investors should be able to deposit, trade, monitor investments and withdraw monies all via their mobile phones. If the on-boarding process can start and end on the mobile phones, then we’ll be heading somewhere.

I dream of the day when more ordinary Zimbabweans would participate in our capital markets…


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