Food Retailer opens Mutandabantu mini macro store in Kanyama

LUSAKA, ZAMBIA – Zambeef Products has unveiled its latest innovation this week with the opening of the first if its new “mini macro” convenience stores.

Chief Executive Officer Francis Grogan officially opened the first of the new branches at Kanyama’s Mutandabantu area in Lusaka this week in a colourful ceremony for which local people turned out in large numbers.

Zambeef’s new mini macro concept is targeted at providing convenience and high quality products to consumers across several residential and commercial areas.

Kanyama is one of the largest constituencies areas in Lusaka, and host to a wide range of economic activities, including farming, commerce, trade and industry. The Mutandabantu Mini Macro store is the third Zambeef macro outlet to be opened in the area, after Mumbwa Road Macro along Mumbwa Road and Kanyama Macro on Los Angeles Road, which borders Makeni and Simoson Makeni and Kanyama.

Zambeef’s Mini Macro store features the cold chain food products for which the company is renown, but without the Novatek stockfeed outlets found at larger Zambeef macros. Novatek animal feeds outlets will populate macros at strategic locations in the network easily accessed by farmers.

Zambeef says the state-of-the-art facilities, world-class standards and product quality remain the same across all outlets.

“Zambeef recognises the increasing importance placed on developing the agriculture sector in efforts to diversify and develop our country’s economy. We have been working very hard to achieve our vision of feeding the nation and adding value to local produce in line with this,” said Mr Grogan.

“We would like to help our farmers maximise profits in a market that is both fair and efficient. By developing formal markets like we are doing through the macros, it gives farmers the confidence and room to grow more crops to feed into the supply chain,” noted Mr Grogan.

Zambeef’s outlets are now in all the main provincial centres to make products more readily available to customers across the country. The company has opened 26 Macros, the Mutandabantu outlet included, and a further 20 other sites scheduled for completion over the next three year, among them Mongu – currently under construction – and City Market in Lusaka.

Zambeef’s cold chain food business supports entrepreneurs through creating employment opportunities. As the biggest player in the beef industry, Zambeef is a mass buyer of cattle from Southern, Western, Northern, Copperbelt and Central Provinces.

“Each time you buy from Zambeef, you are supporting farmers in Mongu, Kalabo, Mansa, Chipata, Chongwe, Monze, Mazabuka, Kabwe and various parts of the country because products in the shops come from Zambian farmers,” stressed Mr Grogan.

“Every Zambian should choose Zambeef as their first choice when they want to buy meat, chicken, eggs, pork, milk and stockfeed. Buying from Zambeef not only grows the local agribusiness industry but supports the agricultural and national GDP,” added Mr Grogan.

He further highlighted how Zambeef had taken the initiative and leadership to invest in state-of-the art, secure and safe trading facilities that helped deliver quality service to customers – in line with the government’s efforts in fighting communicable diseases brought on by unsafe and unclean environments.

Mr Grogan thanked customers for their continued support and assured that Zambeef’s key focus was to cater to customer needs by ensuring that its quality products are accessible, affordable and readily available to them.

Zambeef Chief Executive Officer Francis Grogan officially opens the company’s new “mini macro” convenience store in Kanyama’s Mutandabantu area in Lusaka.

Customers at Zambeef’s new “mini macro” convenience store in Kanyama’s Mutandabantu area in Lusaka.

Customers flock to Zambeef’s new “mini macro” convenience store in Kanyama’s Mutandabantu area in Lusaka.

About Zambeef Products Plc
Zambeef Products Plc is the largest integrated cold chain food products and agribusiness company in Zambia and one of the largest in the region, involved in the primary production, processing, distribution and retailing of beef, chicken, pork, milk, eggs, dairy products, fish, flour and stockfeed, throughout Zambia and the surrounding region, as well as Nigeria and Ghana.

The Group is also one of the largest cereal row cropping operations in Zambia, with approximately 7,787 hectares of row crops under irrigation which are planted twice a year, and a further 8,694 hectares of rainfed/dry-land crops available for planting each year.

The company slaughters around 78,000 beef cattle, 7.3 million chickens and 60,000 pigs per annum, while also processing 19 million litres of milk, producing 154,000 tons of stockfeed, 69 million eggs, 68,000 pairs of shoes and processes 100,000 hides in its tannery per year.

It has 195 retail outlets throughout Zambia and West Africa.

Zambeef employs over 7,000 people with a total of K357 million paid in remuneration and benefits in the last year.

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