Willdale Limited’s listing status on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange has changed. Below are the details of the listing status change:

Full trading name:Willdale Limited
Exchange alpha code:WILD.zw
ISIN code:ZW0009011850
Stock exchange name:Zimbabwe Stock Exchange
Type of shares:Preferential
Old listing status:Active
New listing status:Delisted
Notification date:08/04/2019
Effective date:08/04/2019

About the company

Willdale Limited manufactures and markets a range of clay brick products for the Zimbabwe building and construction sector. Its clay brick range includes face brick, semi-face brick, common brick and paving bricks for walkways, patios, swimming pool surrounds and garden landscaping. The bricks are either manufactured with a rustic, smoot or brushed finish. Willdale Limited also has a range extension which includes economy plaster, special ground solutions and decorative building products which include window sills, faggots and klompies. The company was listed on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange in 2003 after a demerger from Mashonaland Holdings Limited and is the only brick company listed on the ZSE.