Newsletter Topics: Trade, Ethiopia, Nigeria, and South Sudan: Our newsletter African News, Views & Ideas comes out twice a month. We are headed out tonight for a research trip to Ghana and Nigeria–stay tuned for fresh research. Here’s a quick sampling of recent topics:

Nigeria: too important to ignore. Now that Nigeria is past the risky election period, it’s a good time to take stock of the major issues facing the country, opportunities and risks for investors, and changes we are looking for. The bottom line? We are keenly aware of the challenges facing the government and the difficulties involved in doing business in Nigeria. But with careful research and analysis, we believe investors and companies can find many ways to invest profitably in Africa’s largest economy.

Ethiopia: change is in the air. The election of Abiy Ahmed as the new Prime Minister in 2017 sparked a round of significant changes. The government plans to restructure, privatize, and sell partial ownership of Ethio Tel, Ethiopian Airlines, and its shipping and logistics monopoly. Next up is opening of the financial sector to foreign (African) companies. How can investors participate? Our newsletter provides some ideas.

More intra-Africa trade. The Gambia’s ratification of the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA)—achieving the 22-nation threshold for the process to move to the next level—made headlines far beyond what would be expected from the small West African nation. The AfCFTA is a bold long-term project designed to boost intra-African trade. What does this mean for companies and investors? Check out African News, Views & Ideas.

South Sudan: getting back on track. South Sudan has made news headlines—good and bad—a number of times in the eight years since independence. Between 2011 and 2013, the world’s newest nation was a hot investment destination–then civil conflict derailed the economy. We traveled with several ministers and officials from the Government of South Sudan during the April 2019 U.S. leg of their investment roadshow, where they outlined how the recent peace deal makes the market attractive again. We’ve had significant interest in the country since these events. What do investors need to know?

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