Vodafone Aims to List on GSE

By Published On: June 26th, 2018Categories: IPO News

Vodafone Ghana has indicated it would be able to list on the Ghana Stock Exchange (GSE) after dealing with some debt restructuring issues with the government.

The telecoms firm was expected to list on the GSE as part of its takeover of the then Ghana Telecom.

However years after the takeover, Vodafone is yet to go public.

Chief Executive Officer of Vodafone Ghana, Yolanda Cuba told JoyBusiness they have made some progress with the government which has about 30 per cent stake in the company

She said, “The whole thing around listing is hinged on satisfaction in our balance sheet, and also moving away from the negative equity which is one of the requirements before you can list.”

Yolanda Cuba added, “…Would take time to actually carry out because it’s dependent on the profit of the company to actually carry out what we call negative equity on the balance sheet of the company and like I said, that’s one of the listing requirements in Ghana.”

Improving Earnings

According to the Vodafone CEO, the company is making progress in returning to some good profits after it acquired Ghana Telecom in 2008…

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