Total Petroleum Ghana Limited changes its company logo

By Published On: June 16th, 2021Categories: Corporate announcement

We write to inform you that our ultimate parent company, formerly Total SE, is now known as TotalEnergies SE. Accordingly, our group is now known as the TotalEnergies Group.

This new name aims to anchor the group’s transformation strategy in its identity which is illustrated in the new Group logo shown above. Indeed, the Paris Agreement adopted in December 2015 resulted in a strong awareness of the climate issue. By calling for carbon neutrality in the second half of the century on a global scale, it set a demanding but indisputable objective to face this challenge that we must collectively meet. We know that we share the desire to participate actively in this transition because our activities place us at the heart of this dynamic movement.

The TotalEnergies Group has therefore been making a significant move towards new energies since 2016, with a view to meeting the ever-growing demand for available, affordable, and clean energy.

In May 2020, the TotalEnergies Group, of which we are a member, made specific and quantified commitments for 2030 that are necessary to achieve the goal of carbon neutrality by 2050. This decade will therefore be devoted to our transformation into a truly multi-energy company that places sustainable development at the heart of its strategy. That is why it is important to embody a new image with a new logo.

In line with this, our Company, Total Petroleum Ghana PLC, has adopted this new logo as our trademark for our operations.

This new identity, which will be rolled out over time across our network, expresses the momentum in which we are all collectively and resolutely sharing, as well as the enthusiasm that is taking us in this new direction. It illustrates the path that we have adopted as we work with you, because more than ever we want to be a partner of our stakeholders; we can only succeed by pooling our energies.
Finally, this change of our Company’s logo has no impact on our contractual and business relationship. Our Company’s ownership, name, registration number, TIN number, addresses, telephone numbers remain the same. However, going forward, all documentation from our Company will reflect our new Company logo.

We remain more determined than ever to serve you to the best of our ability.

Please do not hesitate to revert to the contact below should you require any further clarification on this new logo.

Total Petroleum Ghana PLC Contacts
Ellen Sarfo Kantanka [email protected]

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