Top bank in Botswana declared the best

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For the second year in a row FNBB has been awarded the top award of being the best bank in Botswana in the Euromoney Excellence Awards.

For the second year running, First National Bank Botswana (FNBB) was named the best bank in the country in the Euromoney Excellence Awards.

Regarded as one of the top, most trusted and charismatic financial publications available, Euromoney, which has its headquarters based in London, is a monthly magazine that focuses on economics and business.

Euromoney recognise institutions and individuals that demonstrate leadership, innovation and growth momentum in the market in which they operate.

Every year a team of Euromoney journalists and editors search the globe looking for institutions that give quality service to their customers and yield good returns to shareholders.

The Best Bank award is given to banks with commercial and retail banking capabilities and is awarded on the basis of both geographical coverage of a region and best practice within a region.

Speaking at the media briefing last Friday, FNBB CEO Steven Bogatsu said the award was further testament to the hard work and dedication of their staff.

He attributed the award to the bank’s commitment to always putting their customers first.

Bogatsu noted that FNB, who have been operating in Botswana for 27 years, stand out from their competitors through the wide range of innovative financial services and products they offer customers.

“We harness technology for banking efficiencies that add significant value to our customers. One of FNB Botswana’s strategic focuses is to continuously penetrate areas where the bank has no presence with its ‘Brick to Clicks’ strategy, which is well aligned to maximise the benefits of technology…

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