TNM | Release of 2017 Annual Report

By Published On: June 14th, 2018Categories: Corporate announcement

Our integrated annual report, for the year 1 January to 31 December 2017, sets out an assessment of our operational, financial, economic, social and environmental performance as well as delivery on our strategy.

In addition, we demonstrate how TNM is facilitating Malawi’s digital transformation journey and contributing to socio-economic growth and development.

We aim to provide a transparent and balanced appraisal of the material issues that faced our business during the year under review, and influence our ongoing ability to create value. We describe our business model outlining the resources and relationships that impact our business activities, transforming them into outputs and outcomes that guide us towards our vision to be the leading ICT company in Malawi.

ICT refers to technologies that provide access to information through telecommunications. It is similar to Information Technology (IT), but focuses primarily on communication technologies. This includes the Internet, wireless networks, cell phones and other communications mediums.

We strive to create value for all stakeholders, while delivering on our strategic objectives over the short, medium and long term. TNM is deeply committed to investing in Malawi and making a difference to the people of Malawi.

The report is prepared in accordance with IFRS, the Malawi Stock Exchange Listings Requirements, the Malawi Companies Act. We are guided by the Integrated Reporting Framework issued by the International Integrated Reporting Council.

The annual financial statements from pages 90 to 120 were audited by Deloitte. The remaining content of the integrated annual report has been reviewed by the Board of Directors but has not been externally assured.

The Directors can be contacted at the registered office of the Company.

Details of the Directors are contained on pages 72 to 73.

The Board acknowledges its responsibility to ensure the integrity of this integrated annual report.

Dr George Partridge

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