TNM awards fans in Zampira promotion

By Published On: June 27th, 2017Categories: News

By Mphatso Malidadi – The Daily Times

Super League sponsor, TNM, last week dished out prizes to over 100 supporters in the on- going Zampira Promotion.

During the second draw held in Blantyre on Thursday, three fans walked away with MK50,000 cash each and 50 were rewarded with airtime.

Zampira promotion was launched on June 7, and is an interactive SMS promotion for fans with the aim of engaging soccer fans directly through sending predictions of weekly results and the season’s champion.

TNM’s Senior Manager (Public Relations), Akossa Hiwa, said the company is happy that through the promotion, local soccer fans demonstrated great passion and knowledge of the domestic league.

“So far, the response has been overwhelming. Even before we launched the promotion, supporters were inquiring about the promotion because they are used that each time we run a league, time is always something for them,” Hiwa said.

She said the promotion, just like its predecessors Sapota Mapeto and Predict and Win, aims at paying tribute to the fans for making the game what it is.

“TNM realises that the player is an important stakeholder of the game. The fans make the game exciting and their loyalty keeps those on the pitch playing. This is our way of thanking these fans who have been with us since the commencement of the TNM Super League,” Hiwa said.

She encouraged all soccer lovers to keep sending the predictions and stand a chance to win weekly and monthly prizes and, ultimately, the grand prize.

"I would like to encourage fans to keep patronising Super League: games as the fun has just began. They should also continue sending their predictions in order to stand a chance to make easy money," Hiwa added.

To participate in the promotion, subscribers are required to sand an SMS of their prediction to code 1515 for their selected game.

The promotion draws will be conducted on weekly and monthly intervals before the grand draw.

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