TNM | 2016 Annual financial report

By Published On: June 15th, 2017Categories: Corporate announcement

The Directors of Telekom Networks Malawi Limited have released the Company’s annual report for the year ended 31 December 2016.

Below are extracts from the Chairman’s letter and financial highlights.


In my Chairman’s letter last year, I signed off on behalf of TNM as a “Senior Malawian Citizen” because TNM has been around for so long. This year it’s the opposite. I sign off as a vibrant, positive, proud (and I hope not arrogant) youngster, with a strong vision for Malawi. This change is even more poignant because TNM turns 21 this year. Our company may be old in traditional terms, but it is young and ambitious in digital terms.

Integrated thinking now underpins our strategy

Growing and permanent interconnectedness fosters integrated thinking about our activities, strategies, reporting, analysis, and decision-making within Malawi’s overall telecommunications regulatory environment.

The more we get to understand this changing environment, and how to satisfy the needs of a modern Malawian society, the better TNM becomes at ensuring that the “capitals” TNM has are allocated more efficiently, profitably, and sustainably, in terms of our vision, mission, and business plan, as faithfully executed throughout the company.

Our team is excited about the future

The TNM team is a diverse, energetic, and proudly Malawian team that’s excited by opportunities and committed to putting its communities first. They have done a great job in 2016, as evidenced by their dedication and discipline in the management of significant change, and growth through great shifts in customer expectation, behaviour, and market

TNM’s brands have become communities. They have always been with us, just as we will always be with them

On behalf of this refreshed, 21-year-old, ambitious, and proud corporate Malawian citizen, It’s Good to Be Here, with hope, faith, and a strong vision for the future.

Key financial performance indicators:

    2016 2015
Revenue MK’bn +31% 65.55 50.10
ARPU MK +12% 1,634 1,456
EBITDA MK’bn +31% 22.99 17.61
EBITDA margin % 35 35
Profit after tax MK’bn +52% 8.21 5.41
Shareholders’ funds MK’bn +33% 20.84 15.65

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