TNM | 2014 CAPEX investment

By Published On: April 16th, 2015Categories: Corporate announcement

TNM is proud to announce that we have invested MK11,9 billion in new infrastructure and technology in 2014.

Core Network Upgrades

We have upgraded our Core Voice Network to improve network reliance and capacity and introduce new capabilities in order to improve the customer experience. We now have a network that is future proof.

Data Network Coverage Expansion and Quality Improvement

TNM successfully completed the expansion of its data broadband services by deploying 87 additional 3G base stations across the country. Our data network was also upgraded to the latest technology to provide 3.75G high speed experience in major cities. TNM’s core data network is now also ready for the 4th Generation data evolution known as 4G or Long Term Evolution (LTE).

Network Improvement and Coverage Expansion

We have added 36 new sites in Lilongwe city and the Central Region to enhance our network coverage and improve network quality. We also completed a network modernization project that has replaced 80 legacy BTS sites. TNM now has modern, state of the art outdoor BTS sites reducing operational costs and reducing our carbon footprint. This modernization program has allowed TNM to reduce power consumption by 40-50%. We also deployed 7 Solar Power Systems and 20 hybrid Generators power systems. The Hybrid generators reduce generator running hours by 70-80% for the respective sites reducing carbon emissions.

Acquisition of ISP Business from Burco Electronic Systems Limited

We acquired the ISP business and related infrastructure assets from Burco Electronic Systems Limited. This network will be integrated with the TNM mobile network to offer the best in class consumer internet services and best in class business solutions. We will use these to leverage the synergies of both networks as the foundation of TNM Business Services which will focus on meeting the needs of our Enterprise and SME customers.

Billing and Information Services

We upgraded our Prepaid Billing system with new capabilities which allows TNM to innovate in bringing new flexible and affordable products to market for our customers. This has allowed TNM the capability to bring to market innovations such as Free Facebook and unlimited WhatsApp products with many more innovations in the pipeline.

Core Network Upgrades
Core Voice Network Systems Expansion, Upgrade & Redundancy 1,002.9
Data Centre Infrastructure Improvements to achieve tier 2 standards status 323.8
Limbe-Lilongwe Mobile Switching Centre (MSC) Traffic Split for capacity improvement 37.8
Upgraded Mzuzu Base Station Controller and added a new Balaka Base Station Controller for better capacity management and quality improvement 34.0
3G Mobile Data Network Coverage Expansion and Quality Improvements
3G Data Network Coverage Expansion – additional 87 Sites 1,727.6
Core Data Network System Upgrade to introduce new service capability and product flexibility 385.6
Network Quality and Capacity Improvement, and Coverage Expansion
Lilongwe Network Expansion – 36 New Sites 1,915.7
Network Modernization-Radio Access Network Renewal – 80 Sites 1,237.7
Network Quality Improvement – 19 Sites 744.6
Site Infrastructure & Power System Standards Improvement – 131 Sites 821.1
Internet Service Provider
Internet Service Provider Assets Bought From Burco Electronic Systems Limited 861.6
Billing & Information Services
Billing And Business Systems Upgrades 95.5
Prepaid Billing System Upgrade 1,911.6
Other Assets
Vehicles, Office Buildings, Furniture & Equipment 485.0
Office IT & Equipment 383.4
Total 11,967.9

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