The whole Tesla branding and messaging is brilliant simplicity.

Not only is the branding excellent but the content presented in the Tesla investor presentation is succinct and impactful.

I set out below the key elements of the structure and look and feel of the Tesla analyst presentation below and note the following

  • The investor presentation is not more than 25 slides long
  • Simplistic impactful visuals are an important part of the presentation
  • The investor conference call takes a great deal of time to answer analysts questions
  • The presentation talks to the “Bigger Picture”

Africa CEOs should take a page from not only the aesthetics of the presentation but the content and the fact that there’s full recording of the question and answer session and the conference call transcript. This quality of reporting of Tesla is not limited to large market capitalization companies as the costs of communicating have come down significantly from even 5 years ago.

My message to CEOs of African companies is to adopt the elegant simplicity of low cost but effective investor relations reporting. I have extracted the various pages of Tesla’s presentation and provided a brief commentary on how.

This is the opening page.

Tesla Q1 presentation - slide 1

The next page is the forward looking information page with some admin issues. No presentation should be without this.

Tesla Q1 presentation - forward looking information

Note that the financial information below is presented over the previous 5 quarters with very few design elements. Lots of information presented on a single page which talks to being able to see the bigger picture.