Introducing our Integrated Annual Report

We are pleased to present Telekom Network Malawi Plc’s (TNM) third Integrated Annual Report for the year 1 January to 31 December 2018, which endeavours to provide a balanced review of our key operational, financial, economic, social and environmental performance, and governance framework.

In the year under review, we continued to implement our 2018-2020 strategy aimed at guiding us towards our vision to be the leading Information and Communications Technology (ICT) company in Malawi. This report is focused on communicating our strategic direction and reporting on our progress during the year.

As a proudly Malawian-owned company we invest in infrastructure, products and services that are vital to socio-economic development, enhance the lives of our people and empower our business and communities.

We seek to tell our story of value creation to demonstrate the benefits our business delivers, not just for financial investors but also for other stakeholders, communities and society as a whole.

We strive to create value for all our stakeholders, while delivering on our strategic objectives over the short, medium and long term. We discuss the material matters we face, our use of resources and relationships, (known as ‘capitals’ by the International Integrated Reporting Council’s (IIRC) Integrated Reporting Framework) and the impact of our business on our stakeholders.

This report also provides information on all matters that we believe could affect value creation at TNM. To identify and prioritise the matters for inclusion in this report we reviewed TNM’s business model, our interaction with the six capitals (financial, manufactured, human and intellectual, social and relationship, and natural capital), our operating environment, the interests of our key stakeholders, risks and opportunities and TNM’s strategy.

The report is prepared in accordance with IFRS, the Malawi Stock Exchange Listings Requirements, the Malawi Companies Act 2013 and the Code of Best Practice for Corporate Governance in Malawi (Malawi Code II ). We are guided by the IIRC’s Integrated Reporting Framework.

The annual financial statements from pages 96 to 142 were audited by Deloitte. The remaining content of this integrated annual report has been reviewed by the Board of Directors but has not been externally assured.

The Directors can be contacted at the registered office of the Company. Details of the Directors are contained on pages 64 to 66.

The Board acknowledges its responsibility to ensure the integrity of this integrated annual report.

Dr George Partridge
On behalf of the Board

TNM | 2018 annual report.pdf