ZimRe Holdings | Further Joint Cautionary Statement

July 1st, 2020|

Further to the joint cautionary statement dated 9 June 2020, shareholders are advised that negotiations for the acquisition (“the Transaction”), by Zimre Holdings Limited (“ZHL”), of the entire issued share capital in Zimre Property Investments Limited (“ZPI”), are still in progress. While the full impact of these negotiations, if successful, is still being determined, the [...]

ZimRe Holdings | Joint Cautionary Statement

June 11th, 2020|

Shareholders are advised that Zimre Holdings Limited (“ZHL”) and Zimre Property Investments Limited (“ZPI”) have entered into negotiations for the acquisition of the entire issued share capital in ZPI (“the Transaction”). It is intended that, if successful, the Transaction will culminate in the voluntary delisting of ZPI shares from the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (“ZSE”). Accordingly, [...]

Zimre Holdings Limited | FY19 Dividend Declaration

June 8th, 2020|

Notice is hereby given that the directors of ZHL have declared a final dividend of $3,100,000 amounting to $0.002021732 per share for the year ended 31 December 2019. The dividend is payable to shareholders registered in the books of the Company at the close of business on Friday 19 June 2020. The last day to [...]

Zimre Holdings Limited | Q1 2020 Trading Update

May 13th, 2020|

BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT With a second successive drought looming in most Southern African countries whose economies are predominantly agro-based, together with weak demand for commodities on the international market, the positive and robust economic growth prospects projected at the end of 2019, began to fade in the first quarter of 2020. The dim prospects were more [...]

ZimRe Holdings Limited delay in results publication

May 5th, 2020|

The national lockdown to contain the spread of the novel Corona Virus (COVID- 19), announced through Statutory Instrument (SI) 83 of 2020 and subsequent extension through SI 93 of 2020, have delayed the Zimre Holding Limited (ZHL) Group audit processes. ZHL therefore wishes to advise its shareholders and members of the public that as a [...]

Zimre Holdings Limited| Delay in publication of FY 2019 results

March 24th, 2020|

The Shareholders and Stakeholders of Zimre Holdings Limited (ZHL) are advised that due to delays beyond the Group’s control, the Group is unable to publish the 31 December 2019 Financial Statements by 31 March 2020. In light thereof, the Group shall publish the 31 December 2019 Financial Statements on or before 30 April 2020 which [...]