I am pleased to report another set of remarkable financial results for the financial year ended 28 February 2019.

Digital Banking Platforms – RIP Traditional Banking
Globally digital platforms have aggregated users to provide accessible and affordable services. Leveraging on the Econet Group’s digital ecosystem, Steward Bank has done the same, innovating multiple platforms that serve the needs of society…

Financial Performance
In the year under review, the Bank’s profit before tax grew by 10% to $36.2m, from $32.8m reported in the comparative period last year…

The staff and management of Steward Bank deserve recognition for delivering on the five-year strategy and for the tireless hours of work towards the greater good. The closely-knit group of Stewards will be the foot soldiers as the bank seeks to deliver on its dynamic strategy in the next financial year. An unabated sense of optimism, relentless spirit of innovation and commitment to the greater cause will see us soar to greater heights.

On behalf of the Board

Bernard T.R. Chidzero
Board Chairman

Steward Bank – Abridged financial results – 2019.pdf