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Simbisa Brands – Appointment of Nabil Mankarious as an Independent Non-Executive Director

By Published On: March 18th, 2024Categories: Corporate announcement, Directorate changes

The Company hereby announces that its Board of Directors has resolved to appoint Mr. Nabil Mankarious as an Independent Non-Executive Director with effect from 23 February 2024.

Mr. Mankarious brings a wealth of experience and expertise as a co-founder, manager and Director in the food and hospitality industry, through various food outlets and brands, within and outside the United Kingdom.

His work experience includes overseeing Pizza Express and Clapham House Group’s Gourmet Burger Kitchen in various capacities as Managing Director, Commercial Director and subsequently CEO. Thereafter, Mr. Mankarious delved into co-owning and managing other brands such as Meat Liquor restaurants, La Piccola Deli, and Rocca an Italian restaurant concept. Thereafter, he co-founded Fulham Shore which owns and operates Franco Manca and the Real Greek restaurants in the UK, Italy, Greece and Spain. His background will be key in feeding into Simbisa’s drive to bring world class standards into its operations and brands.

His appointment will be tabled for ratification at the Company’s 9th Annual General Meeting of Members to be held on 22 November 2024.

By order of the Board

Prometheus Corporate Services
Company Secretary

14 March 2024

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