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We assist African stock market listed company executives that care, to grow and manage dedicated online communities with which to communicate with and receive feedback, enabling them to manage reputation risk and improve communications governance.

Additionally, we contextualise listed companies’ online investor relations practices within a digital and communications governance strategy (however simple) to earn a commercial return.

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Misinformation and African Capital Markets: The Coming Storm

African-listed companies that build bridges of trust now with stakeholders will fare far better when the winds of fake news eventually arrive

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Balancing Acts: Rethinking ‘Balance’ in Online Investor Relations and Sustainability Reporting

In the world of online investor relations and sustainability reporting, 'balance' takes on a unique meaning, emphasising equilibrium in investor data presentation, information distribution, content variety, digital channel utilisation, and catering to diverse shareholder types.

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GRI Reporting Principles: Completeness

Explore the concept of 'completeness' in both online investor relations and GRI sustainability reporting. Discover its significance, practical implications, and why it matters in the world of corporate disclosures.

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