Read the Seed Co International Limited 2018 Prospectus

Seed Co International Limited (, listed on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange has issued the following assessment of its future earnings prospects, as at 27 September 2018, as part of its investor relations reporting:

This separate Listing is part of the strategy to achieve the “African Seed Company” vision by setting Seed Co International on the path for exponential growth as a result of being better equipped and capacitated to:

  • report independently and transparently to its stakeholders for ease of independent market valuation;
  • attract focused capital to recapitalize the business whenever necessary;
  • continue increasing market share in East Africa, particularly Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda, Ethiopia and the Democratic Republic of Congo;
  • expedite ongoing plans to penetrate the West African market with high performing proprietary and licensed products;
  • intensify R & D activities to develop more short-to-medium season seed varieties whose demand will continue to increase with global warming induced weather pattern changes;
  • replicate the vegetable seed business already established in Zimbabwe in the region;
  • acquire seed industry players of good strategic fit in order to consolidate existing market positions and also shorten new market establishment timelines;
  • strengthen Seed Co International’s brand on the African continent; and
  • unlock shareholder value.
Seed Co International Limited on

Going forward Seed Co International will continue to leverage and improve its operations based on the following core competencies:

  • product adaptability in most markets;
  • localized research centres in all major operating markets;
  • economies of scale;
  • strong production base;
  • strong brand;
  • regional presence;
  • skilled employees; and
  • high quality product of genetic and physical purity.