REIZ | Finance Manager and Company Secretary appointment

By Published On: April 13th, 2017Categories: Corporate announcement

In accordance with the Securities Act No.41 of 2016 and the Lusaka Securities Exchange (“LuSE”) Listing Requirements, the Board of Directors of Real Estate Investments Zambia Plc (“REIZ”) is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Moses Vera as Finance Manager & Company Secretary with effect from 7 April 2017.

Mr. Vera is a Chartered Accountant and has a Master of Banking & Finance Laws with more than 18 years’ experience in finance and company secretarial functions.

The Board looks forward to Mr. Vera’s contribution towards making REIZ achieve its mission to be Zambia’s leading property investment and development company and wishes him success in his new role.

By Order of the Board
Sydney Popota
Chief Executive Officer

Issued in Lusaka, Zambia on Wednesday, 12th April 2017

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First Issued on 12th April 2017

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