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About First Mutual Holdings Limited

First Mutual Holdings Limited is a leading financial management group in Zimbabwe offering services in risk management, wealth creation and wealth management in the insurance sector.

The Group has more than a hundred years of serving Zimbabwe by provision of economic dignity though its strategic business units. We have diverse interests in life assurance, health insurance, short term insurance; short term re-insurance; long term re-insurance; wealth management, property sector, funeral services and microfinance housed under the following subsidiaries; First Mutual Life, First Mutual Health, NicozDiamond Insurance, First Mutual Reinsurance, FMRE Property & Casualty (Botswana), First Mutual Wealth Management, First Mutual Properties, First Mutual Funeral Services and First Mutual Microfinance.

3 Reasons to Consider Investing in First Mutual Holdings Limited


Financial Market Leader

A leading financial services group that is committed to creating value through risk management, wealth creation, and wealth management predominantly in the insurance sector


Experience & Diversification

Over a century of serving Zimbabwe through the provision of economic dignity though its strategic business units with interest in short term insurance; short term re-insurance; life assurance; long term re-insurance; as well as the property sector


Looking Beyond Zimbabwe

We examine trends in the African economies with the expectation of developing sub-Saharan opportunities and converting them to increased business for the company using existing group synergies to maximum advantage

Our Share Price in Action

ZWL cents 2,300.00 0.00 / 0.00%
Year to date 139.83%
52 Week Change 380.17%
52 Week Low
52 Week High


Sales Value ZWL cents -
Volume Traded 0
Value Traded ZWL 0.00
Market Cap ZWL 15,873,290,380
Shares issued 690,143,060


Sector Insurance
Exchange Zimbabwe Stock Exchange
ISIN ZW 000 901 219 7
YEAR Listed 01st January, 2003
Year End December


P/E 13.29
Div. Yield 0.419%
EPS ZWL cents 173.07
P/B Ratio 4.92
EV / Ebitda 6.18

P/E: This multiple is based on the current market price and the historic earnings per share.
P/B: This multiple is based on the current market price and the historic net assets.

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Company Information

Registered Name First Mutual Holdings Limited (
ISIN ZW 000 901 219 7
Ticker Code
Sector Insurance
Stock Exchange Zimbabwe Stock Exchange
Chairman Amos R T Manzai
Group Chief Executive Douglas Hoto
Company Secretary Sheila Frances Lorimer
Transfer Secretary First Transfer Secretaries (Pvt) Ltd (zw)
Year End December
Year Founded 1990
Year Listed 01st January, 2003

Top 5 Shareholders

Name Holding Percentage
National Social Security Authority 479,031,386 66.22%
Capital Bank Corporation Limited 51,341,100 7.10%
LHG Malta Holdings Limited 36,861,932 5.10%
Heritage Expeditions Pvt Ltd 25,002,273 3.46%
Mega Market (PVT) LTD 17,934,644 2.48%
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