PG Industries Zimbabwe delisted

By Published On: April 8th, 2019Categories: Status

PG Industries Zimbabwe Limited’s listing status on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange has changed. Below are the details of the listing status change:

Full trading name : PG Industries Zimbabwe Limited
Exchange alpha code :
ISIN code : ZW0009011413
Stock exchange name : Zimbabwe Stock Exchange
Type of shares : Ordinary
Old listing status : Suspended
New listing status : Delisted
Notification date : 08/04/2019
Effective date : 08/04/2019

About the company

PG Industries (Zimbabwe) Limited manufactures and sells a range of products through three subsidiaries; PG Merchandising, Zimtile and PG Glass. Its merchandising division has expanded over the years to include timber boards, hardware, plumbing, and wood and glass value-added products. Zimtile is the leading manufacturer of quality concrete roof tiles in Zimbabwe, aswell as pavers and bricks. PG Glass manufactures and markets glass installation solutions for residential and commercial building projects, and offers a repair, replacement and installation service to the automotive industry. PG Industries (Zimbabwe) Ltd. has an international footprint; exporting its products to Botswana, Zambia, Malawi, Mozambique and the DRC. Established in 1948 the company was recently acquired by a Mauritius-based company, Dewei Investments.

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