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Minimum Standards of Online Investor Relations Practices

The Minimum Standards of Online Investor Relations Practices is an initiative to assist companies listed on African stock markets to better communicate their investment cases to investors around the world.

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What’s included?

  • Define your investment thesis
  • Adopt a formal disclosure policy
  • Adopt an insider trading policy
  • Use “push” technology to grow community
  • Host a modern website

  • Publish executive profiles

  • Publish transcripts


Having a dedicated community to which to send news and information to is a strategic asset. Not only to communicate why people should invest in your company but also why they should buy your services or deal with you.

But real practical barriers to using a broad range of digital channels to communicate hinder communications effectiveness because it’s not clear where your audiences are at any point in time.

The Minimum Standards of Online Investor Relations Communications sets out clear steps for companies to grow online communities from pre-qualified people using investment data such as share prices, news, announcements and dividend information.

A higher ROI, good governance and compliance which enables high level reputation protection from a dedicated online community, not only of investors, but also customers is excellent communications governance.

The Investor Relations Website

Communicate your investment story effectively across multiple digital channels.

Grow a dedicated online community, improve brand visibility and corporate reputation. Adopt this critical reputation risk management tool.

Keep costs low and return-on-investment high by using centralised, integrated and automated communications systems.

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