Listed Company Members Valuation

Country Counter Price P/E Div. yieldPercentEPS P/B ratio 
ZambiaCEC.zmCopperbelt Energy1.43Zambian Kwacha3.1113.99%0.461.71
ZambiaCECA.zmCEC Africa0.20Zambian Kwacha-0.220.00%-0.91-0.10
ZimbabweCSZL.zwCassava Smartech107.95RTGS cents18.480.00%5.8423.24
ZimbabweECO.zwEconet Wireless107.76RTGS cents18.582.19%5.803.64
ZimbabweEDGR.zwEdgars Stores11.00RTGS cents3.354.55%3.280.80
ZimbabweFMHL.zwFirst Mutual13.15RTGS cents5.462.21%2.411.01
ZimbabweFMP.zwFirst Mutual6.00RTGS cents18.180.83%0.330.57
ZimbabweNMB.zwNMBZ Holdings24.00RTGS cents9.881.50%2.431.44
ZimbabweOKZ.zwOK Zimbabwe22.05RTGS cents16.333.22%1.352.78
ZimbabwePWS.zwPowerspeed Electrical17.45RTGS cents15.582.29%1.124.51
ZambiaREIZ.zmReal Estate5.98Zambian Kwacha74.752.17%0.080.42
MalawiTNM.mwTelekom Networks2,505.00Tambala19.122.40%131.008.63
ZambiaZAMB.zmZambeef Products3.00Zambian Kwacha75.000.00%0.040.24
ZambiaZANACO.zmZambia National0.79Zambian Kwacha6.080.00%0.131.39
ZambiaZCCM.zmZCCM Investments28.49Zambian Kwacha5.432.14%5.250.51
ZimbabweZIMW.zwZimplow Holdings30.00RTGS cents11.810.70%2.542.32
End of day stock prices last updated on Wednesday, 17th April 2019

Company Members

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Company Members are listed companies who subscribe to AfricanFinancials investor relations services in order to improve corporate governance and corporate reputation through growing an identified retail investor community. Thousands of shareholders represent thousands of potential customers.

Company Members ensure their corporate and investor news and data is easily accessible and broadly distributed in a timely manner through the AfricanFinancials portal, The Investor Mailing List and related social media channels.

Company Members grow their own investor communities through the traffic that visits AfricanFinancials and related digital and social channels.

Membership benefits typically include:-

  • complete, comprehensive and timely investor information;
  • tracking, to resolution, all investor queries;
  • wide distribution of news and announcements;
  • providing investors with excellent functionality.
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