Malawi US$ returns up 61.8% YTD in Sep. 2023 Sub-Saharan Africa ex SA Top 30

Published On: November 3, 2023By Tags: Pan-African

Sub-Saharan Africa’s (excluding South Africa’s) stock markets fell 2.3% in US$ terms in September and are down 14.8% year to date.

US$ returns by market

Ten of the fourteen Sub-Saharan Africa’s (excluding South Africa’s) stock markets have positive US$ returns year to date:

  1. Malawi 61.8%
  2. Namibia 21.7%
  3. Ghana 14.7%
  4. Zambia 9.6%
  5. Botswana 4.5%
  6. Uganda 4.1%
  7. BRVM Cote d’Ivoire 2.8%
  8. Seychelles 2.6%
  9. Tanzania 2.6%
  10. Mauritius 2.3%

Markets rising in September 2023 include Mauritius, Tanzania and Zambia which rose by 4.7%, 2.9% and 3.3% respectively.

Markets falling in September 2023 include Kenya, Nigeria and BRVM Cote d’Ivoire which fell by 5.8%, 3.2%, and 1.2% respectively.

Fundamental valuation outliers

NOTE: Valuation figures are listed as at 30 September 2023. Please click on the company name for the updated share price.

Companies with the highest and lowest Return on Equity

  • Airtel Malawi Plc 124.4% with a share price at 100.45 MWK
  • Endeavour Mining -2.4% with a share price at 26.62 CAD

Companies with the highest and lowest Price to Earnings Ratio

  • Geregu Power 83.4x with a share price at 339.50 NGN
  • Endeavour Mining, AVZ Minerals, IHS Towers, Nestlé Nigeria and Helios Towers are loss making.

Companies with the highest and lowest Dividend Yield

  • MTN Uganda 12.6% with a share price at 170.00 UGX
  • IHS Towers, AVZ Minerals and Helios Towers are currently not paying dividends.

Companies with the highest and lowest Price to Book Value Ratio

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