Lighthouse Capital Limited has announced a dividend of 1.5 cents per share

Declaration date: 14/05/2019

Record date: 31/05/2019

Pay date: 03/06/2019

Ex dividend date: 29/05/2019

For year end date: 30/09/2019

Period end date: 31/03/2019

Gross dividend: 0.015

Net dividend: 0.015

Marker: INT

Frequency: SMA

About the company

Lighthouse Capital Limited formerly (Greenbay Properties Limited) invests in real estate assets and listed companies which are involved in the retail sector of Mauritius. The company targets investment in developing diversified global real estate and infrastructure assets. Greenbay Properties Ltd is a predominant investor in Europe and the United Kingdom, targeting properties with strong sustainable income from high quality tenants with a strong likelihood of renewal of leases on expiry.