The Directors of Letlole La Rona Limited (LLR) are pleased to announce the results of the Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) that was held on the 23rd of March 2020 at Peelo Place, CBD, Gaborone.

A total of 44 unitholders, who held in total 269,011,270 linked units, were represented either in person or by proxy. This represented 96.08% of the securities of the Company.

The following resolutions proposed at the meeting were duly passed by the requisite majority of votes as set out below:

*In accordance with the Botswana Stock Exchange listing requirements and as indicated in Section 9 of the Circular, Botswana Development Corporation Limited (BDC) as a related and interested party to the transaction, did not vote at the EGM. As such, the majority vote was arrived at after excluding their percentage shareholding.

A copy of this announcement is available on the Company’s website:

By order of the Board