Letlole La Rona Ltd is holding an Extraordinary General Meeting with the following details:

EGM date:12/02/2019
Venue::Cresta Lodge, Fairgrounds, Gaborone, BW

About the company

Letlole La Rona Limited, listed on the Botswana Stock Exchange, is a real estate development and management company.  The company owns and operates commercial and industrial properties in Botswana which includes hotels, warehouses and factories. The focus of Letlole La Rona property portfolio is on industrial properties. Letlole La Rona has thirteen industrial properties in its portfolio; as well as Moedi House which is a commercial property; Shoppers which is retail property; Red Square which is a residential development; and four hospitality properties which are Bosele Hotel, President Hotel, Cresta Lodge and Thapama Lodge. Letlole La Rona Limited is a subsidiary of Botswana Development Corporation Limited.

This extraordinary general meeting (EGM) is often an assembly called on short notice. It is for urgent pertinent issues particularly those concerning the company’s management.

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