Kenya Power & Lighting’s listing name on the Nairobi Securities Exchange has changed. Below are the details of the listing name change:

Old trading name:Kenya Power & Lighting
New trading name:The Kenya Power & Lighting Company Plc
Exchange alpha
ISIN code:KE0000000349
Stock exchange name:Nairobi Securities Exchange


About the company

The Kenya Power & Lighting Company Plc (Kenya Power or KPLC) is an electricity company in Kenya with interests in geothermal, hydro and thermal power generation as well as power generated from solar and wind sources. Formerly known as East Africa Power & Lighting Limited, the company changed its name to The Kenya Power and Lighting Company Limited in 1983. The company transmits, distributes and retails electricity to customers throughout Kenya and is a national electric utility company; managing electric metering, licensing, billing, emergency electricity services and customer relations. KPLC also offers optic fiber connectivity to telecommunication companies through an optical fiber cable network which runs along high voltage power lines across the country and feeds into the national power grid throughout Kenya. Kenya Power’s head office is in Nairobi, Kenya.