Investec Limited (Botswana) buys back 3.13% of its issued ordinary shares

By Published On: July 5th, 2022Categories: Corporate announcement, Status

Investec Limited (the “Company”) hereby advises that at the annual general meeting held on 5 August 2021 (“the AGM”), shareholders were advised that the board of the Company may resolve to repurchase Ordinary Shares if this action is considered desirable and in the best interests of shareholders.

Shareholders were further advised that any repurchases under the general authority proposed to be granted by shareholders, would be within certain pre-determined price limits with specific reference to the limits of the authority granted by the Company’s shareholders as well as the JSE’s Listings Requirements. At the AGM, shareholders granted a general authority to the board of the Company to repurchase up to 20% of the issued Ordinary Share capital of Company (“the current general authority”).

Shareholders are herewith advised that the Company has repurchased 9,996,839 Ordinary Shares by 1 July 2022, representing 3.13% of the issued Ordinary Share capital as at the date of the current general authority to repurchase the Ordinary Shares. The Ordinary Shares remaining in issue following these repurchases amounts to 308,907,870 shares.

Investec Limited (

Share price: 6,233.00 Thebe (0.00 | 0.00% – 11/08/22)

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