Website SolutionsInteractive Corporate Websites

Solutions that convey information to the users in the most direct, two way, clean and usable manner. An integral part of your digital strategy.


Strategy and Systems for Content

We structure complete, widely-published and timely content marketing campaigns through your website, email and social media

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Effective management of Interactions

Timely, interactive resolution of sales, customer support and investor relations queries grows reputation and brand loyalty

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Meaningful insight from Analytics

Real-time and long term analytics that keep digital marketing strategy relevant to emerging trends and your management team accountable

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Digital strategy services

After auditing your online presence, content and commercial objectives, we ensure that your strategy optimises the presentation of content, interactivity for customer service support and new sales function. The objective is maximum impact commercially at lowest cost and risk.

  • Website audit
  • Content audit
  • Sales audit
  • Customer service audit
  • Systems establishment
  • Team structuring
  • Support structuring
  • Skills transfer
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Security, hosting and systems

We host on Google Cloud and use many software systems to integrate, centralise and automate content, interaction and reporting with security and functionality priorities. These systems are constantly updated and improved.

  • Hosted on Google Cloud
  • Secure (HTTPS) website
  • Cloudflare
  • Website Integrity Reports
  • Skills transfer
  • Centralised systems
  • Integrated systems
  • Automated systems
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Content management

We help you analyse your content, source it, curate it and then set up and manage systems to efficiently publish content on websites, email and social media always supported by our Dedicated Account Manager and Content Processing Team.

  • Content strategy
  • Disclosure policy
  • Content work plan
  • Cloud based
  • Practical advice
  • Focus on R.O.I.
  • Verification systems
  • Current software
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Community Management

We set up systems to respond to our clients’ communities’ responses online irrespective of which digital or social media channel they are on and irrespective of the time of day. Customers expect responsiveness and work with your team to support and provide it.

  • Centralised feedback
  • Categorised
  • Ticketed & tracked
  • Support agent accountability
  • Good understanding of content
  • Knowledge base of info
  • Full reporting
  • Website chat
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We set up and manage real-time online dashboard for you to measure the results of digital marketing efforts, however simple or complex. These insights are provided in real time and over the long-term, for digital and social media channels. For your whole team and the Board.

  • Website analytics

  • User interactions

  • Alert interactions and engagement
  • Support desk reports

  • Report download stats

  • Audience analysis
  • Helpdesk analytics

  • Search and keyword analysis

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  • Deal with issues your team can’t
  • Future proof your digital strategy
  • Enhance visibility & influence online
  • Improve corporate governance
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