Innscor Africa declares a final dividend of US$1.56 cents per share FYE 30 June 2022

By Published On: October 28th, 2022Categories: Corporate announcement, Dividends

Dividend Announcement

Ordinary shares

The Board declared a final dividend of US$1.56 cents per share in respect of all ordinary shares of the Company. The dividend is in respect of the financial year ended 30th June 2022 and will be payable to all the shareholders of the Company registered at the close of business on the 11th of November 2022.

Description Date
Dividend Declared Per Share (US$ Cents) 1.56
Last Date shares Trade Cum-Dividend 8 November 2022
Last Date Shares Trade Ex-Dividend 9 November 2022
Record Date 11 November 2022
Payment Date 25 November 2022


For the payment of the dividend, Shareholders are requested to furnish Corpserve with their US$ Nostro banking details by 20th November 2022 by email to [email protected] or by post to the Company’s registered address, 1 Ranelagh Road, Highlands, Harare or P.O Box A88, Avondale, Harare, Zimbabwe.

Non-voting class “A” ordinary shares

The Board declared a final dividend of US$453 588 to Innscor Africa Employee Share Trust (Private) Limited.

A B C Chinake
Independent, Non-Executive Chairman
28 October 2022

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