Hello Paisa – FMB “back to school” campaign

By Published On: September 7th, 2017Categories: News

FMB, at the beginning of this week, rolled out a ‘Back to School’ money transfer campaign under its Hello Paisa money transfer platform to encourage both its customers and non-customers to receive funds from South Africa through the Bank. During the Back to School campaign everyone who receives funds through Hello Paisa at FMB from as low as K28,000 going up will receive a free ‘back to school’ item.

The promotion is timely as schools especially at primary school level are this week resuming classes marking the beginning of a new academic year. Customers transacting on the Hello Paisa platform during the campaign who receive any amount from MK28,000, will receive a ‘back to school’ goodie ranging from pencil cases, writing materials, lunch boxes to back packs, as long as the transactions take place within the campaign period, and for as long as stocks remain available.

The campaign started on Monday (4th September) and will run up to 16th October 2017.

People are encouraged to send funds to Malawi from South Africa through Hello Paisa as it is does not give limitations on the amount of money one can send to Malawi; it is also the most secure and instant channel of ensuring that funds get to the rightful beneficiaries in a timely manner.

Anyone can receive funds through Hello Paisa at FMB on presentation of valid proof of identification; FMB has a wide network of branches and agencies through which beneficiaries can get Hello Paisa transactions processed.

FMB has been processing Hello Paisa transactions for more than two years now, during which period transactions have more than quadrupled in volumes.

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