FMHL | First Mutual employees donate to the Cancer Association

By Published On: November 22nd, 2016Categories: News

The month of October is renowned for breast cancer awareness and a global annual campaign is held to raise awareness on the importance of early detection. As a responsible corporate citizen, the First Mutual Holdings Limited group joined other organisations and individuals worldwide to support breast cancer awareness through a “Pink Friday” campaign where employees were encouraged to dress in pink on Fridays and make a contribution towards breast cancer awareness.

Through the “Pink Friday” campaign, First Mutual employees collected cash amounting to $308 and the proceeds were handed over to the Cancer Association at a ceremony held on Tuesday 22 November 2016.

In her handover remarks, the Group Marketing & Strategy Executive Ms Farayi Mangwende said, “as First Mutual Holdings Limited group, we are inculcating a culture of giving back to the society as employees through supporting such as activities as cancer awareness and the donation we are making today is coming from our hearts. We thank the Cancer Association for allowing us to be part of the breast awareness campaign and we pledge ongoing support to the association.

The Cancer Association General Manager Mrs Junior Mavu in her acceptance remarks said that no donation is too little and they accept with humility the cash collected by First Mutual employees through the “Pink Friday” campaign which will go a long way.

Throughout the month of October, First Mutual was disseminating information on breast cancer screening and other related tips through a weekly staff newsletter.

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