FMHL | First Mutual employees in the community

By Published On: November 14th, 2016Categories: News

First Mutual Holdings Limited employees have launched an Employee Corporate Social Responsibility Programme through a clean- up campaign conducted at the Charge Office Bus Terminus in Harare.

The Employee Corporate Social Responsibility Programme is driven by volunteers amongst staff members who are giving back to the community and many activities have been lined up going forward through donations in various forms including cash, non-perishable goods, clothing, shoes and books among other items and will be disbursed to charity homes identified by the volunteers.

Additionally, the programme will include home visits (old peoples, and children’s homes), hospital visits, blood donations and jail visits.

First Mutual Holdings Limited employees are joining hands to “Go Beyond” their call of duty by being part of this great initiative and be socially responsible citizens.

This noble initiative by First Mutual employees complements the Corporate Social Investment programme by FMHL through the First Mutual Foundation whose objective is to promote and raise the standard of living through various corporate social responsibility initiatives continues to support selected children from throughout the country with educational assistance and necessary ancillary services to reintegrate them into formal school as well as support for tertiary education. As the Foundation continues to gain momentum, its aim is to increase its support in the education arena. In line with this, the First Mutual Foundation has committed support to the Reformed Church University through availing a bursary worth $20 000.00 over a three year period with effect from 2017.

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