FMB unveils Limbe Branch with a new look

By Published On: February 9th, 2018Categories: News

On Wednesday the 7th of February 2018, FMB unveiled its newly refurbished Limbe Branch by inviting some of its customers to a cocktail held at the branch.

FMB Chairman(C) interacts with customers

Present at the cocktail along with other senior FMB management were Mr. Hitesh Anadkat, FMB Group Chairman and Mr. Fernando Rodrigues, FMB Chief Executive Officer.

In his remarks to the invited guests FMB’s CEO Fernando Rodrigues thanked FMB customers for their patience while the branch was undergoing renovations. He further asked for continued support from all customers and announced that FMB had embarked on an exercise to renovate other FMB branches to the standards of Limbe Branch.

FMB CEO Fernando Rodrigues giving his remarks at the cocktail

FMB offers a variety of products such as business banking, personal banking, international banking as well as bill payments available on different platforms and has over thirty branches and agencies across the country as well as a presence in five countries in Southern Africa including Malawi.

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