Express Limited is holding its Extraordinary General Meeting with the following details:

EGM date:06/06/2019
Venue::Jacaranda Hotel, in Westlands KE

About the company

Express Limited is a transport and logistics company in Kenya which offers services for goods clearing and forwarding and warehousing. The company transports goods to the major towns and cities in Kenya and depots in South Sudan, North Sudan, Ethiopia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi and the DRC. Express Limited operates a diverse fleet comprising trucks, small vans, trailers, low loaders, side loaders, cladded stainless steel tankers and forklifts. The company offers value-added services for its clients which includes handing customs documentation for imports and exports; coordinating pick-ups, clearing and door-to-door deliveries; pre-shipment inspections; warehouse logistics, and storing, cleaning and repairing empty containers. A division of Express Limited manages its investments in real estate. Express Kenya is a subsidiary of Etcoville Holdings Limited and its head office is in Nairobi, Kenya.

This extraordinary general meeting (EGM) is often an assembly called on short notice. It is for urgent pertinent issues particularly those concerning the company’s management.

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