EkoCorp’s listing status on the Nigerian Stock Exchange has changed. Below are the details of the listing status change:

Full trading name:EkoCorp Plc
Exchange alpha code:EKOCOR.ng
Stock exchange name:Nigerian Stock Exchange
Type of shares:Ordinary Shares
Old listing status:Suspended
New listing status:Active
Notification date:6/11/2018
Effective date:6/11/2018


About the company

EkoCorp Plc provides hospital and medical care services in Nigeria through direct health and medical insurance carriers. These include medical practitioners, dieticians, diabetic nurse educators, foot care specialists and ophthalmologists. Consultant services include general surgery, orthopedic surgery, grammatology, otorhinolaryngology audiology and speech therapy, dental surgery, radiology, Physiotherapy, endoscopy, anesthesia, obstetrics and gynecology, radiotherapy and oncology. EkoCorp Plc offers immunological screening for thyroid antibodies, thyroid adrenal anti-nuclear antibodies and pediatric endocrinology services. Other services address healthcare needs for ENT, dental, vision, auditory, dialysis, pathology, psychiatric and prostate screening and diagnostics. The company also provides extended cover protection for dread disease, medical complications as well as general life insurance cover. A subsidiary of EkoCorp Plc manufactures a range of pharmaceutical preparations. The company’s head office is in Lagos, Nigeria.