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EDGARS | FY2012 results and presentation

By Published On: March 13th, 2013Categories: Corporate announcement

The Directors of Edgars Stores Limited are pleased to announce the release of the Group's 2012 full year results and analyst presentation for the 52 weeks ended 5 January 2013. Below are extracts from the presentation:

Picture: Edgars Group Managing Director, Linda Masterson, presenting the 2012 full year results


(2012) vs  (2011)                
Retail sales  $60.1m(2012)  vs +17.80%(2011)
Trading profit  $7.9m(2012)  vs  +6.50%(2011)
Profit after tax  $3.8m(2012)  vs  +13.80%(2011)
Earnings per share  1.53cents(2012)  vs  +11.70%(2011)
Trade and other receivables  $23.3m(2012)  vs  +19.70%(2011)
No. of accounts  181 581(2012)  vs  +14.30%(2011)
Current ratio  2.56(2012)  vs  +92.50%(2011)

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