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The Minimum Standards of Online Investor Relations Communications

The Minimum Standards of Online Investor Relations Communications clearly sets out voluntary principles of communications governance. The standards result in the growth of identified online communities around investment data and news.

Publishing investor information on demand, and directly, counters fake news, provides important information to online communities. This ensures your brand and investment story are always visible online.

Investors are also pre-qualified customers. This relationship can be leveraged for commercial advantage. Most importantly, having a dedicated online investor community is a highly effective reputation risk management strategy.

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Investor Relations Websites

Investor relations websites enable companies to communicate their investment story effectively across multiple digital channels.

Integrated communication grows a dedicated online community, improves brand visibility and corporate reputation. Being connected with communications is a critical reputation risk management tool.

Keeping costs low and return-on-investment high by using centralised, integrated and automated communications systems is important.

The executive dashboard allows executives to analyse, track and monitor digital and social media investor initiatives. Enabling management valuable insights into online performance. Allowing companies to structure their online investor strategies to be responsive to the ever-changing digital and social media space.

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