Presco Plc 2023 Interim Results For The First Quarter

Presco Plc ( Q12023 Interim Report

By Published On: August 1, 2023TYPE: Interim ReportsYear: 2023Period: Q1Country: NigeriaSector: Agricultural

Presco Plc ( listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange under the Agricultural sector has released its 2023 interim results for the first quarter.

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Indicative Share Trading Liquidity

The total indicative share trading liquidity for Presco Plc ( in the past 12 months, as of 1st July 2023, is US$22.76M (NGN10.98B). An average of US$1.9M (NGN915.17M) per month.

Presco Plc 2023 interim results for the first quarter

Company Profile

Presco Plc is a fully-integrated agro-industrial company in Nigeria with business interests in the cultivation of oil palm plantations and milling and crushing palm kernels to produce a range of refined vegetable oil. The company also has a packaging plant and a biogas plant which treats its palm oil mill effluent. Presco Plc specialises in cultivating oil palm and extracting, refining and fractionating crude palm oil into finished products. The company supplies specialty fats and oils of outstanding quality. Presco Plc has a concession of 6 462 hectares at Obaretin Estate; 12 560 hectares at Ologbo Estate; 2 800 hectares at Delta Estate; and 17 000 hectares at Sakponba Estate. Presco Plc is a subsidiary of Siat, a Belgian agro-industrial company which specialises in cultivating smallholder plantations of mainly oil palm and rubber tree crops. Siat has a major stake in the Ghana Oil Palm Development Company (GOPDC) in Ghana, Siat Gabon in Gabon and Compagnie Heveicole de Cavally in Ivory Coast. The company’s head office is in Edo State, Nigeria. Presco Plc is listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange