NOTICE is hereby given that the Board of Directors has declared an Interim Dividend, Number 125, of RTGS 6,75 cents per share payable in respect of all the qualifying ordinary shares of the Company to be paid out of the profits for the current financial year. This will be payable to shareholders registered at the close of business on 22 November 2019. The dividend will be paid by direct transfers or other approved forms of payment as per the following timetable.

Announcement Date6 November 2019
Last Date to Trade – cum dividend19 November 2019
Share Trade Ex Dividend20 November 2019
Last Record Date (LDR)22 November 2019
Payment Date4 December 2019
Dividend Per Share (RTGS$)6,75 cents
Dividend Amount (RTGS$)$86 111 000

By Order of the Board

A Makamure
Company Secretary
6 November 2019