Ariston Holdings Limited is an agricultural enterprise operating in diverse markets that range from tea, macadamia nuts, horticulture and deciduous fruits to fish farming, beef cattle and poultry. Deciduous fruits include bananas, apples and peaches; while staple crops include potatoes, tomatoes, peas, maize and soya beans. Ariston Holdings Limited has a national footprint, with six strategic business units located in the northern and eastern regions of Zimbabwe.

Southdown Estates consists of three tea estates with over 1 200 hectares allocated to tea plants, almost 60 hectares to bananas and over 450 hectares to macadamia trees. Claremont Estate concentrates on growing pome and stone fruit, passion fruit and potatoes; while Kent Estate focuses on horticultural crops, poultry and livestock. The company also packages and distributes blended tea for the domestic market. Its headquarters are in Msasa, Harare.

Ariston Holdings Limited is listed on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange

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SalesZWL(c) 28.78
ValueZWL$ 36,924.74
Market capZWL$ 468,364,452
Shares issued1,627,395,595


Today2.78 / 10.69%
52 week highZWL(c) 28.78
52 week lowZWL(c) 2.88
52 week change899.31%
Year to date51.87%

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CurrencyZWL cents
Listed01st January, 1948
Year endSeptember
IndexZimbabwe Industrial Index (