Energy Commercial Bank Limited ("ECBL' or the "Bank") is a banking institution incorporated and domiciled in Ghana. ECBL was incorporated under the Banking Act, 2004, Act 673 on September 28, 2009 as a private limited liability company. The Bank began full-scale banking operations on February 22, 2011 after gaining a universal banking licence. The Bank provides investment, retail, corporate and private banking services. The Bank was established as Energy Bank Ghana Limited and was subsequently issued a new licence from the Bank of Ghana certifying the change of the company name to Energy Commercial Bank Limited. In July 2018, the Bank was converted into a public limited liability company as part of the process of listing on the Ghana Stock Exchange.

Offer Timetable

Enquiries concerning the ECBL Prospectus may be made to IC Securities between 9.00 a.m. and 5.00 p.m. Monday to Friday (except public holidays) from the date hereof until the end of the Offer Period as indicated below:

Commencement of Offer Period02.10.201810:30am
End of Offer Period02.11.201805:00pm
Review of Application Forms and Allotment Commences06.11.201809:00am
End of Allotment14.11.201805:00pm
Submission of Results to the SEC16.11.201805:00pm
Crediting of ECBL Shares to Successful Applicants26.11.201805:00pm
Listing of all ECBL Shares06.12.201810:00am
First day of trading on GSE06.12.2018l0:00am
Refunds to Unsuccessful Applicants14.12.2018l0:00am

All dates provided are subject to change by le Securities in consultation with the Directors ofECBL (subject to obtaining the necessary regulatory approvals). All times provided are in Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), the time zone of the Republic of Ghana. Any amendment will be published in a national daily newspaper not later than 72 hours after receipt of regulatory approval

News & Corporate Announcements