Cocoa Processing Co. is holding it’s 2018 Annual General Meeting with the following details:

AGM date:27/12/2018
Year ended:30/09/2018
Venue::The Christ the King Hall, Opposite Jubilee House, Accra


About the company

Cocoa Processing Company processes raw cocoa beans and manufacturers a range of cocoa products for the Ghana market and for international export. Products produced at The Chocolate Factory in the semi-finished range include cocoa liquor, butter, natural/alkalized cake or powder. These semi-finished products are used as ingredients to produce chocolate and other cocoa-based food products. Products manufactured at The Confectionary Factory are sold under the Golden Tree brand name and include chocolate bars, chocolate-coated peanuts, drinking chocolate powder, chocolate spread and natural cocoa powder. Cocoa Processing Company is the only manufacturing company in the world which processes premium Ghana cocoa beans without blending. The company was founded in 1965 and its headquarters are in Tema, Ghana.