Chemco Limited (Mauritius) suspended

By Published On: May 3rd, 2019Categories: Status

Chemco Limited’s listing status on the Stock Exchange of Mauritius has changed. Below are the details of the listing status change:

Full trading name : Chemco Limited
Exchange alpha code :
ISIN code : MU0059I00009
Stock exchange name : Stock Exchange of Mauritius
Type of shares : Ordinary
Old listing status : Listed
New listing status : Suspended
Notification date : 20/04/2019
Effective date : 23/04/2019

About the company

Chemco Limited specialises in the formulation, manufacturing, blending and trading of chemicals. The company operates as one of the subsidiaries of Harel Mallac & Co. Ltd. Chemco Limited company engages in the production and sale of agro chemicals, specialty chemicals and consumer goods. Chemco Limited is headquartered in Port Louis, Mauritius.

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