TNM | Circular to the Shareholders in relation to the change of name of the Company to Telekom Networks Malawi Plc

By Published On: May 17th, 2017Categories: Corporate announcement


Section 48 of the Companies Act 2013 requires that ‘the name of a public limited liability company shall end with the words ‘public limited liability’ or ‘plc’ and in compliance with this legal requirement the Company name will change from Telekom Networks Malawi Limited to “Telekom Networks Malawi Plc”. The trading name TNM will remain unchanged.


A request to replace the company’s certificate of incorporation to reflect the new name has been made to the Registrar of Companies. The change of name will take effect from the date the replacement certificate is issued.


Shareholders should note that notwithstanding the change of the Company’s name, the Company will not recall existing share certificates which will continue to be prima facie evidence of legal title. All existing share certificates of the Company in issue bearing the existing name of the Company will continue to be evidence of legal title to the shares and valid for trading, settlement, registration and delivery purposes. Any new share certificates of the Company issued after the change of company name has become effective will be under the Company’s new name. There will not be any arrangement for free exchange of the existing share certificates of the Company for new share certificates under the Company’s new name. No further action will be required on the part of the Shareholders.

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