CEC powers digital literacy at St. Francis Community School

By Published On: June 23rd, 2017Categories: News

Moving from sharing a single computer among 350 pupils to owning 10 machines was cause for
jubilation for St. Francis Community School. CEC was promoted to give 10 computers worth K35,000 to the school which was in dire need of practical ICT learning necessitated by the introduction of ICT studies in the Zambian curriculum with examinations on both the theory and practical aspects of the subject.

Yet, learners at St. Francis Community School had only occasional access to one computer voluntarily provided by the school’s ICT teacher in order to facilitate practical computer literacy lessons to his charges.

Senior Manager – Telecoms, Edwin Kalambo, said that CEC’s contribution was with the realisation that computers were an indispensable tool in what has become a digital society where it had become inevitable that as many children as possible acquired computer literacy in order for them to meaningfully participate in the digital economy.

St. Francis Parish Priest, Father Stephen Mwanandelwa, hailed CEC for the action, describing it a timely donation and that what had seemed like a far-fetched dream (having computers in the school) had now become reality because of CEC’s positive response to their request.

St. Francis Community Primary school of Wusakile Township in Kitwe was established in 2001 as a community school by the Catholic Church’s St. Francis parish. The school was primarily intended to cater for children from underprivileged homes who could not afford the cost of education. It now caters for 350 learners from grades one to seven.

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