CEC’s help enhances Zamtan safety and security

By Published On: June 20th, 2017Categories: News

What happens when a community that has not had easily accessible police services finally gets a police post but the post can’t begin to operate because there is no furniture?

CEC steps in!

On Saturday, 10 June 2017, the Company gifted the Zamtan community of Kitwe, through the Zambia Police Service, with furniture to enable their newly built police post become fully operational.

In his commendation of CEC, Kamfinsa Member of Parliament, Elario Musonda, disclosed that construction of the post had concluded long ago and that its opening had long been awaited by the community, which has had no easy access to police services, but could not be done due to the unavailability of furniture.

Kitwe City Mayor, Christopher Kang’ombe, expressed confidence that the availability of a police post in the area would undoubtedly contribute to public safety and security. He applauded CEC for aiding the community, stressing that the power utility had time and again demonstrated its good corporate citizenship by partnering with the local authority and other stakeholders in executing projects of all ranges in support of government programmes aimed at uplifting the lives of the people.

And CEC’s Director Projects and Support Services, Benny Simukoko, reiterated the Company’s attachment to public safety and security, describing the Zambia Police Service as a key partner in advancing that ideal.

“Any effort aimed at taking policing services closer to the people represents several steps to improved crime prevention and control as well as maintenance of public peace and order, hence, the presence of a police post can make a community and neighbourhood safer,” said Simukoko.

Simukoko said that CEC held the view that safety and security were intrinsic to wider peace and the attainment of development goals, and that any business was more likely to invest in or set up a business in an area that gave an assurance of safety and security for the investment.

“At CEC, prudent management of safety, health, and the environment is a key consideration in all our endeavours and extends to community projects. Hence, a project such as this one has a strategic fit in our Corporate Social Responsibility programme,” he said.

Located in Kafue Ward of Kitwe’s Kamfinsa Constituency, ZAMTAN has previously had no easily accessible police services. Opening of the police post to the public had, however, been on the shelf long after construction had completed because there was furniture for the police officers to use.

Valued at K15, 000 the furniture was presented to the Zambia Police Service at the commissioning ceremony of the police post that took place on 10th June, 2017.

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