Introducing Cassava Smartech

Leading the Smartech Revolution

At Cassava Smartech, we believe empowering lives is harnessing the power of technology and giving it to the ordinary people in a way that impacts their everyday lives for the better.

A unique and sustainable business model
As a business, we have a burning passion to make a difference in people’s lives. Every Zimbabwean has the right to participate in the mainstream economy and access digital products and services. We have modelled our business along the following key pillars:

  • Fintech;
  • Social payments;
  • Healthtech;
  • eCommerce;
  • Insurtech;
  • Edutech;
  • Agritech; and
  • On demand services.

We have evolved from being a basic mobile money transfer service, to becoming a fully-fledged, integrated Smartech business operating across diverse sectors of the Zimbabwean economy…

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