CA Sales Holdings Limited Reports 22.5% Increase in Half-Year Revenue, Driven by Organic Growth, Acquisitions, and Expansion Strategies

Published On: August 29, 2023Company: CA Sales Holdings Limited (
What growth strategies contributed to CA Sales Holding's 22.5% increase in revenue for the half-year ended 30 June 2023?
The notable enhancement in revenue was made possible by a strategic focus on organic growth, acquisitions including the purchase of the T&C Group, expansion into new regions, and the on-boarding of new clients.

Financial Highlights

  • CA Sales Holdings Limited reported satisfying half-year results for the period ended 30 June 2023, with significant focus on the group’s growth strategy.
  • Revenue increased by 22.5% to R5.2 billion compared to the previous interim period due to organic growth, acquisitions, expansion into new regions, and on-boarding of new clients.
  • Gross profit rose by 25.9% to R786.8 million.
  • Operating profit increased by 75.5% to R387.0 million, mainly boosted by the top line growth and gain on bargain purchase.
  • Headline earnings increased by 24.8% to R172.7 million, with earnings per share scaling up by 108.9% to 63.4 cents per share.

Asset & Acquisitions

  • The group’s total assets increased by 22.4% to R4.5 billion due to an increase in fixed and intangible assets and working capital.
  • Net cash resources increased from R459.4 million to R590.4 million on 30 June 2023 due to strong cashflow generated from operations.
  • The group acquired 100% share capital of T&C Properties Namibia (Pty) Ltd and Taeuber and Corssen SWA (Pty) Ltd collectively known as the T&C Group for R65.0 million, thereby increasing its market share in Namibia.

Dividends & Events after the reporting date

  • No dividends were declared for the six months ended 30 June 2023 as per the company policy of declaring dividends once a year after its year-end.
  • After approval from an overwhelming majority of shareholders, the company successfully implemented an odd lot offer to reduce the number of odd lot shareholders in a fair manner.


  • Despite challenging global economic conditions, CA&S plans to maintain its resilience and strategic positioning, through geographic diversification, client and channel broadening, and value-adding acquisitions.

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CA Sales Holdings Limited is a Botswana-based retail business listed on the Botswana Stock Exchange. Founded in 1988, the company specialises in retail and wholesale of a variety of products and services. With a presence throughout Botswana, the company has continued to expand over the years, offering a wide range of products from clothing, electronics and furniture to health and beauty products. The company prides itself on its focus on customer service, affordable prices, and quality products sold by some of the most recognisable brands in the industry.

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